Tuesday, July 29, 2008

fallows cali's lead in energy effecency

Salon has an article talking about how if America had more energy efficiency in buildings, appliances and factories we could cut down on the amount of energy this country uses to such a great extent that we wouldn't need to build any new coal planets in the near future (by 2030)

the study looked at how Cali's energy consumption has stayed study while the rest of the nation energy use as gone up 60%. The reason California has had a large push to make sure the buildings in the state are much more energy efficient.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

the american eletric grid can handle eletric cars

one of the fears that people bring up when talking about switching to plug in electric cars is that it will be to much for the eletric grid to handle.

but that doesn't seem to be a realistic problem. utility companies say that they will be able to handle the switch over if it's gradual.

and since everyone will not be able to go out and get an plug in electric as soon as they hit the market. everything will be all good.

they point to the fact that they handled the increased power that plasma TV used (and it seems that Plasma screens use up more eletricity then it would take for a eletric car)

Friday, July 18, 2008

swedesh guy's wood powered car

a 78 year old man in sweden has decide to fuel his car using wood gas instead of oil.

during world war 2 Sweden used wood gas due to oil shortages.

Tore Blomqvist grew up during this time period and so the ideal wasn't to far out for him to switch to wood.

he is now only playing about 1/7th the price of gas.

ok this might not really be riding clean but it's an intersting alternative to gas

McCain wants to give a tax break for those who buy electric car

Today (July 18) McCain says there should be an electric car tax credit of around $5000.

Sounds nice but if this tax credit is in acted I just hope it is done better then the one that was made for hybrid cars that is no longer around because the tax credit credit got smaller and smaller every year.

also if the ideal for the credit is to make so eletric cars are in the same price range as normal cars it really should be about $10,000. But I guess $5000 is much better then nothing.

and for those who wonder here are things Obama says he wants to do in terms of energy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Green For All

I would like to point out green for all a group based in oakland, CA which is trying to open up the green collar job market to the poor.

what green for all tries to do is increase public awarness about the ideal that green jobs can help the poor and help the environment.

get leaders (such as politicans, business owners, activist, etc) together to talk about how green jobs can help the economy, as well as how to get things in action.

help local governments and community groups that are trying to get green jobs in their area

and just be an online place for people to talk and share ideals (and tips)

if you want more info or want to see how you can help out check out greenforall.org

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

garbage power

Ottawa Canada is planing on building a waste-to-energy facility that will turn trash into gas by heating with a really high degree of heat.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

solar-gas-break battery triple hybrid cars

toyota is planning on adding solar panels to a future model of their Prius cars

even thought they don't think the addition of solar panels will really save much gas...but at the current price of gas every penny counts.

light weight hybrid buses

Fisher Body (a brand that was once part of GM and now the name of a new company) is now going to be focusing on making buses that use a new typed of uni-body stainless steel body that make the buses much lighter.

these lighter buses combined with using hybrid technology (batteries that are recharge by breaking like those found in Prius cars) and a diesel engine is expect to the buses 3x more fuel efficient.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

solar energy tax credit may no longer see the light of day

currently there is a tax credit on the books that allow people to save $2,000 and business 30% off the price of solar energy panels.

this tax credit could in at the end of the year.

the move to extend the tax credit is being blocked in the senate.

get in contact with your local senator and state rep and tell them you want them to pass the Energy Independence and Tax Relief Act of 2008