Tuesday, April 26, 2011

With the price of Gas so high Is it now time for Biofuel stations?

Gas prices have reached and past the $4 mark across America with talks of it going to $5 or $6 in the near future.

These are record highs that are having negative affects on our economy. At the same time they are opening the door to something that could be of a great positive affect to not just the economy but also the environment. That is if someone steps through the door.

that door is biofuels, which has long been brought up as an alternative to gas but one of the biggest road blocks is the fact that often the cost of producing a gallon of biofuels was more then the cost of a gallon of gas. The price of Algae fuel for example is usually expected to be around $7 to $8 dollars.

It's still very high cost but at the worst it will but a cap on the price of gas. IE the price of gas wont reach the same levels because it would have to compete with a source of energy that has the added value of being much cleaner.

But this could also be the step needed to have the production of algae oil brought up to scale that the production cost will go go down so much that the price is equal to or even less then that of gas.