Monday, October 27, 2008

Greener farms will bring healthier people and economy

The New York Times has an article that talks about if farmers where to go back to the way they used the farm a long time ago (ie farming multiple crops and animals) things will be better for the environment as well as for economy and will also produce healthier people.

the article is a bit long (9 pages) but in short it says.

The current system of farming uses way to much fossil-fuels (in fact 19% of America's fossil fuel usage comes from farm/live stock)

by going back to the traditional farms we would greatly reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed to run them, by both the fact that they don't need to use gas to transport grain to animals but also by the fact that the animals on the farm create fertilizers (so farmers don't have to use chemical fertilizers)

and the rotating of crops will lead to less need for the use of pesticides (many which are made of oil) as well as prevent land from eroding.

and if the food distribution system is more localized we wouldn't use as much gas in transporting our food across the nation (or around the world)

going back to the traditional farm would also mean we would need a lot of new farmers. or in other words this will create a lot of new green jobs.

the article also ask for more healthier foods giving to kids at school as well as having gardens in every school.

and food stamps and WIC should be more geared to people eating healthier (by giving more credit when people eat healthy)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

going green with a coca and smile

coca-cola is adding 120 hybrid delivery trucks to it's fleets across American. Which is apart of the 4300 trucks that Coca-Cola is putting out around world.

at speeds lower then 30 miles an hour the trucks use no gas.

these trucks are expected to be over 30% more fuel efficient then the non-hybrid Coca delivery trucks.