Thursday, April 10, 2008

The current problems with the hunt for alternative energy

There has been a lot of talk about finding alternative sources of energy to use instead of oil.

Which is great and is something I want to happen. But I see a big obstacle block that stands in the way right now that makes it unlikely.

One of the biggest problems is the fact that there are to many people that think that we will find one magic bullet. One thing that we can use to completely get us off of oil.

Maybe it’s because we are talking about replacing one thing (oil) that makes people think we can replace it with another thing instead of things. Maybe it’s because some industries (like the corn lobby when it comes to ethanol) strongly push there product as the one thing that can save us. Maybe it’s because does that don’t want the use of alternative energy (i.e. the oil industry) send out people to say this to try to discourage people from backing alternative energy.

Ok I am sure it’s a mix of all of these and we have to get people to understand that it is going to take a mix of different things to get us off of the oil monster.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

farms going up not out

well with the number of food riots going on in the world it is clear that we might be facing a food crisis due to the fact that we aren't producing enough food to keep up with world demand.

or to be truthful since we are already in state of crisis for much of the world...when the people that are likely to be reading this blog face similar crisis.

some might think it's hopeless because to farm more food we will need more land...and as we have more and more people in the world (along with cities and suburbs) there's going to be a point where we don't have enough land.

the is where The Vertical Farm Project comes in.

which basic ideal is that they are trying to find away to create cheap indoor farms that can be many stories (think skyscraper farms in the middle of cities)

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hi welcome to green brotha

HI welcome to green brotha before I begin I'm just living a few post for me to add links to later.

put before I add links I should say what this site is about.

I've had some concern about the state of earth since I was a kid (thanks captian planet) and with a the news about the the shape of the world to day I figured this blog could be a great spot for me to talk about things we can do and new tech that is out (or could be coming out) that can help us turn things around.