Thursday, April 10, 2008

The current problems with the hunt for alternative energy

There has been a lot of talk about finding alternative sources of energy to use instead of oil.

Which is great and is something I want to happen. But I see a big obstacle block that stands in the way right now that makes it unlikely.

One of the biggest problems is the fact that there are to many people that think that we will find one magic bullet. One thing that we can use to completely get us off of oil.

Maybe it’s because we are talking about replacing one thing (oil) that makes people think we can replace it with another thing instead of things. Maybe it’s because some industries (like the corn lobby when it comes to ethanol) strongly push there product as the one thing that can save us. Maybe it’s because does that don’t want the use of alternative energy (i.e. the oil industry) send out people to say this to try to discourage people from backing alternative energy.

Ok I am sure it’s a mix of all of these and we have to get people to understand that it is going to take a mix of different things to get us off of the oil monster.

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