Thursday, January 8, 2009

Help Africa and South America make big power movies with solar power

The England based solar panel company Solarcentury are the folks behind the charity Solar Aid

The goal of the charity is to provide items small solar panels and solar powered items to people living in the most rural impoverish areas of Africa and South America.

Normally people living in those areas wouldn't have electricity but with these solar panels and solar powered products they can at least have some electric powered items to make life easier, healthier and more productive for them.

also since the charities is giving people solar energy, Solar aid is helping to insure as nation develops they are doing so in a clean way.

Solar aid has a number of projects and are looking for donations to help fund them.

Solar Aid funds placing solar panels on schools, clinics and community centers.

they also found training people on how to make solar power products such as lamps, cell phones and radios. This is done in hopes to give people skills and also give them a source of income by supplying an item that that people can sell.

go to their site to check out all the different programs they are running and pick one or more of them to give to.

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