Monday, June 16, 2008

Get on the bus

Americans use public transportation and ride bikes less then our European counter parts. We also and opt to use our cars much more then them.

But I wonder why, do they have better transportation systems then us in the U.S or is it because of their higher gas prices.

I haven’t really looked into Europe’s transportation systems but being from Michigan, it’s not to hard to top my local transportation system (we have buses and that’s it) and even place that do have different forms of public transportation there is the issue of how well they are funded.

If we really want to help save the planet, cut back on emissions, save money on gas, it time for us to start stepping to the plate and let someone else do the driving. Not only should we start using public transportation more we should write our local politicians and tell them to fund the systems more.

And I am no exception, I could use the bus more (or period.) and if tell our politicans to better fund public transportation.

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