Friday, June 6, 2008

Solar engery going mainstream

Rueters has an article up talking about how Solar engery maybe in a spot to go mainstream.

they state a number of facters.

the price of engergy is going up so the cost of going solar energy is going to be on par (or lower) then just staying with are current modes of getting energy.

if Obama wins the election, he say he will get America to get at least 25% of it's energy from solar by the 2025. McCain says he will go green but since there isn't as much info on how he is more of a wildcard on the issue of solar right now.

the price of silicon is expected to go down and if it does the price of making solar panels will go down.

but there is also now solar panels being made without silicon, and that could mean even cheaper solar panals.

if enough of these things line up then we will see a huge tipping toward solar power in the next few years.

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