Monday, June 2, 2008

How recycle your own paper

All the right the junk you need to make recycled paper is:

A blender or food processor

Fiberglass screen (like window or door screen)

Picture frame (or wooden frame)

Plastic tub or basin (has to be big enough to stick the frame in)

Liquid starch



Fabric in a square (felt or flannel)


Cookie sheets

And of course paper

Now you can use pretty much any type of paper or paper product. Such as magazines, newspaper, computer paper, cards, paper bags, tissue paper (I’m hopping your recycling the kind that you stuck in presents and not the ones you used to blow your knows), cardboard, etc.

If using cardboard you may have to soak in warm water before starting.

Also the quality of your new paper depends on the old paper you are using. Cards make heavier paper, where as using tissue paper will give you finer paper.

1. The first thing you do is rip up your paper into tiny little bits.

2. stick those pieces of paper into the blender until the blender is half way full. Then fill the rest of the blender with warm water.

3. turn blender on at a slow speed and then slowly jack up the speed until the paper is now a smooth and well blended pulp. Should take about half a minute. If you notice any flakes then keep on blending.

4. Now take whatever kind of fiberglass frame you are using and place it on top of the picture (wooden) frame. Then staple them together. Make sure they are tight as hell and you have your mold

5. Fill half the tub with water and then dump the pulp from the blinder. The more pulp you use the thicker the paper. You use more then one blenders worth of pulp.

6. Stir it up

7. Add 2 teaspoons of liquid starch and mix it into the pulp

8. Place the mold into the tub. Keep it straight while it sinks down into the pulp.

9. Gently shake the tube until the pulp is evenly on the screen.

10. slowly lift the mold out of the water. Let the water drip from the pulp in the mold. If there is to much pulp on the mold, get rid of some. If to little add some more.

11. When the mold stops dripping, place the mold onto the fabric.

12. Now stick the fabric over the paper

13. Gently use the sponge to get rid of the rest of the water in the pulp in the mold.

14. Slowly lift the mold away from the fabric. The paper should now be on the fabric. If not you either moved the mold to fast or didn’t get rid of enough water. Fix this and then try it again.

15. If there are any bubbles or loose edges you can press them out.

16. Place the fabric on a cookie sheet

17. If you want to make more then one piece of paper. Repeat steps 8 to 16 (unless your tub is out of pulp then start back at one) and stack the fabric over the last piece of paper you did.

18. Press the stack to get rid of any more water that may be in the paper.

19. lay out the paper to dry.

20. when dry peel the paper form the fabric.

Now ya got paper.

Now this might be a bit ghetto and you might not be able to use this paper for school or business. But for your personal use it should be alright.

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