Monday, June 23, 2008

GM trying to Volt to the finish line

has GM bit of more then it can show with saying they would have the volt out by 2010.

it seems like the car company has made a big goal for it self when it says that it would have a plug in car that can go 40 miles on one charge.

The people are at GM are racing to get the car to the market but have fallen a bit behind as statested in this article in the atlantic.

but the people at GM are hopeful that they can reach their goal.

I think this is an interesting article that goes into GM quest to reach it goal, so far and it's failure with electric cars in the past.

though I think the article is incorrect about one thing with GM's electric car released in the 90's. they say it was a failure in the market but my understanding the car was released in such a limited market and had it's plug pulled shortly after launch that I wouldn't say it's a market failure since it didn't have much chance to be in the market.

there was a movie released a few years ago about it, where a number of the owners of the cars talked about how they liked it but GM only offered them a lease and they couldn't buy the car out right. when the lease was over many of the owners wanted to keep the car but GM refused and took their cars (and sent them to get crushed)

that's not a failure of the market that was a failure on GM's part to see that in the 90's there was a market for an electric car (even if it was a niche at the time)

Hopefully GM will be wiser on how they deal with the Volt.

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